What do we do, what our values are, what we believe in?

Not just a business venture, but a philosophy!

Luxe Marché was born not simply as an entrepreneurial venture to generate business for an additional income for the founder. It was born as a philosophy. 

If by any chance, you knew Luxe Marché founder and CEO Kshitij Bansal, who otherwise is a consultant and law professor by occupation, you would know that he finds peace and passion in art, aesthetics, cultures and their histories.

Seeking to satiate such a mind, Kshitij has traveled across different countries, continents and communities. We once heard a team mate numbering it to more than forty five countries till the pre-covid era.

But it is this desire to create an idea that can accommodate all these desired dimensions that Luxe Marché was born from. An idea that creates a space where luxury, art, heritage, vintage, nature, music and soulfulness can blend together as an experience. Any immersive experience can be real and impactful only if it responds to the realities. Thus, this new blend of experiences must be a neo-modern thought, a thought of the twenty-first century that is truly inclusive, sustainable, and global.

Luxe Marché, in specific, is underpinned by this neo-modern philosophy of luxury. The online journal, The LuxeLog (hyperlink) is also one of them. These ventures are an instrument to channelise this philosophy.

Now, let us tell you about Luxe Marché

Combining this philosophy with a business idea to generate value and revenue, Luxe Marché brings the most trusted platform to buy and sell 100% authenticated, pre-owned luxury products. Our tastefully curated collection by some of the finest connoisseurs of style makes us India’s most chic and exclusive platform for pre-used designer pieces, art, aesthetics and other such luxury.

Luxe Marché in French means “Luxury Market”. The idea behind the name was to resonate with the real experience of a Luxe Marché. An experience that can relive the sophistication, class, suaveness and exclusivity of a luxury maison.

Luxe Marché operates under the aegis of its parent entity, Boutiquery Online LLP, an India registered partnership firm that has its headquarters in Mohali, Punjab.

We are here to revolutionise the movement of sustainable, thoughtful and circular luxury fashion in India. A movement where we see responsibility, value and style in buying pre-owned luxury products.   

That’s what we call “Nouveau Modernism de Luxe”. 

How do we authenticate? 

Luxe Marché follows an absolutely zero tolerance policy for counterfeit items!

Luxe Marché has empaneled a team of Professional Authenticators who are based in different parts of the world and specialize in the professional authentication of luxury articles. Professional Authenticator is a term used to refer to someone who is globally accepted as a leading authority in understanding the finest details of luxury brands from their decades of experience in working with those brands.  

The authentication process has three levels of authentication to ensure that even the finest counterfeit (first copies, as they are popularly called) do not make their way through our tests. Authentication is a process where the article is evaluated based on a combination of variables like the stamp codes, hologram stickers, stitching, material, craftsmanship, hallmarks, and other such determinants.

Infographic about three levels of authentication, the size of the creative may increase according to the content. 

 First Level of Authentication

Once an article is procured, the first level of authentication is undertaken by the in-house team of authenticators at LM (who are also very good at their job!). This screening of the product is done even before the product is received physically. This verification is done through code checking, video screening and other available methods. 

Second Level of Authentication

Once an article passes the test of first level authentication, we arrange for the physical delivery of the article to our stockroom. Once it is received, the article now undergoes a rigorous in-house authentication in person. Along with leather grooming, the article undergoes state-of-the-art evaluation to establish if it is indeed an original designer piece.

Third Level of Authentication

Finally, when the in-house team gives its go-ahead to an article in the authentication test, the article is then investigated by our International panel of Professional Authenticators. Luxe Marché pays them for their services. Once confirmed by them (which is often the case because of the first and second levels), the article is then issued a Certificate of Authenticity along with a Lifetime of Guarantee by Luxe Marché.

The LuxuryLog!

The LuxeLog is an online journal where you can keep yourselves updated with the news of the fashion world and all things luxury. 

Do visit our page to sell or consign. It is a great way to get good returns on your luxury items, while you declutter your wardrobe. You will soon see a highly exquisite collection at steal away prices.

We are glad if you are curious to know more about us. We have attempted to address a few potential curiosities on this page. In case, your curiosities persist beyond what is shared here, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.