A Few Fendi Candies

A Few Fendi Candies

Over the past few years, various iterations of the classic Fendi bag have been especially prevalent in pop culture. Several different styles have become our favourites. From being a family run fur and leather store in 1925 to being an industry leader and trend dictator especially when it comes to accessories, Fendi has taken quite a leap.

Did you know that it was Lagerfeld who came to the house in 1965 and designed the famed FF Zucca Logo? Well, neither did I. It did not take very long after that for it to become one of the most formidable and sought after fashion power houses in the world. From there it leapt into the hearts of fashionistas everywhere. What makes these bags special is the craftsmanship, the style and the attention to detail that goes into every single piece. That is solely why they have become highly desired and memorable items coveted by the A-listers and style savvy all around the globe.

So whether you are looking for your first Fendi to invest in or just wanting to recharge your wardrobe with another of these beauties, here is a list of our top picks that are sure to make you drool.

Image sourced from www.purseblog.com

  • Fendi Baguette

  • I have to start off the list with a bag that is an icon in itself. You guessed it- the Fendi Baguette. Remember the sequinned purple version that is stolen from Carrie in season-3 of Sex and the City? That is where my love affair started with this little bag, even before I knew of the brand itself. The product rose to fame from the show and became the first “IT“ bag. New versions of the bag are continuously introduced while the vintage variations are equally sought after. A darling of the fashion world for its compact size and its versatility. It is definitely a cult favourite; probably the most desired from the Italian fashion house.

    Image sourced from www.brownfashion.com

  • Fendi Mon Tresor

  • Who does not love a good bucket bag? And one that comes from the iconic Fendi house? Gimme now! The Mon Tresor (meaning treasure) is versatile yet spacious. Bucket bags are generally designed to be practical but still look fabulous. The Mon Tresor passes on both these counts. It can be worn as a shoulder bag or carried around as a crossbody bag to run errands. It can easily be transported from your Sunday brunch with the girls to a hot night out in the town.

    Image shot  at  Fendi Runway Show 2009. Sourced from www.harpersbazaar.com

  • Fendi Peek-a-Boo

  • Next up is the easily recognisable, perhaps the most definitive bag from the Fendi house- Peekaboo. It is so called because when the front flap is pushed down, it gives a peek into the interior. Although this bag has been around for over a decade, it has managed to not fall out of favour with bag lovers worldwide. Discreet, classic, timeless and available in more than 1000 combinations, the peekaboo is surely a celeb favourite. It is a multifaceted bag and suits many needs. It can effortlessly be used for work, casual outings or formal events. It really does take the shape of its owner and what their requirements are.

    Image courtesy: Fendi

  • Fendi Double F 

  • What is better than one? Two of course! The Fendi Double F bag is one of the house’s newer introductions. This new addition comes in the quintessential baguette shape with a top handle and a metal chain strap. The front is adorned with a round shaped logo; but what makes it extra special is the fact that the back is complete with another flap designed with the new contemporary reversed double F logo on the edges. So basically what you get is a classic beauty and its contemporary counterpart - in one.

    Image sourced from www.purseblog.com

    5. Fendi ByTheWay

    Yes, there are a lot of satchel type bags in the market. But the sui generis of the Fendi ByTheWay bag is its sleek design, it is soft, buttery leather and its multiple straps. It is a perfectly structured, no fuss bag; ideal for a woman on the go. This is great because it holds all your essentials yet looks stylish. What sets it apart from its other famous boston bag counterparts is the fact that it has a compartmentalised interior which is roomy enough for those who like to carry their worlds with them. The Fendi ByTheWay bag comes in multiple classic colorways and might be an excellent bag for you if you are looking for a timeless accessory to add to your wardrobe.

    Fendi is constantly reimagining the classics to give them a new lease of life. Popular handbag styles are reworked to inject new life into vintage aesthetics. This is a huge reason why the brand continues to be synonymous with creativity, quality, tradition and experimentation. Regardless of whether you want to add to your ever growing collection of designer bags or invest in a piece that will stand the test of time, Fendi has a lot of eye-catching options to offer. Add any of these bags to your roster and you are good to go!

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